Who we are

Pioneering Award Winning Upcycled Food Brands since 2018 for a Sustainable Future

AFOODS® Group is an umbrella brand for a portfolio of beverages and convenience foods with subsidiary brands including COBE COPU®, PULPACO® and more. The AFOODS® product portfolio includes a wide range of healthy and tasty foods and beverages.

AFOODS®Group, an African and Black Owned Group of Brands working to challenge the status Quo in the Food Sector since 2018

Our Mission at AFOODS?

Providing you with the best possible and most nutritious food products made from the complete processing of African agri-raw materials using African Traditional Knowledge and modern processing technologies.

Discover now our Story

COBE COPU, the full joy of cocoa: Our First Group Brand

What we offer: Innovations for consumers and Industrials

We provide you with Certified Consumer Products and Certified Natural Ingredients

Our Approach: Original and Comprehensive

AFOODS Group manage to feed three birds with one scone in an authentic: Health, Sustainability and generating new sources of income for farmers

Our Founder

"My deep understanding of the cocoa industry, international relations and sustainable economic development, (…) my deep belief in African innovation spirit (…) helped me discover a new niche with “


THE A COMPANY for Upcycled Foods and Ingredients Innovations (TACUFIN), our organisational roots

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AFOODS hat es geschafft, drei Trendthemen glaubhaft zu bedienen: Fairer Handel, Gesundheit und Nachhaltigkeit. Mehr Info hier.