Our Processed soft commodities

We process raw materials of African origin. We focus on those raw materials whose known components enjoy great popularity among consumers, but which are only partially valorized in in the modern manufacturing industry despite the high potential of the whole raw material for people and nature.

The Cocoa Fruit
The Coffee Fruit
The Cashew Fruit

What these raw materials have in common


These raw materials, especially cocoa, are mainly grown in Africa and by African farmers. However, more than 90% of the value chain takes place outside the African continent and, at the same time, the farmers receive a minimal portion of the profits and live in poor conditions.


In the conventional processing of these raw materials, usually less than half of the raw materials are utilized. The rest, for example up to 80% of the cocoa fruit is regarded as waste. We call this a clear waste of natural resources.


The so-called waste from the industrial processing of these raw materials is very rich in nutrients. Under certain upcycling processes, it can constitute new sources of vitamins, antioxidants and thus can be used to generate new ingredients for human consumption and consequently also for the industry. On top of that, this so-called waste can also be a source of new income for the respective farmers in a transparent way.

As part of our R&D activities, we are working with the research institute IFAREM-FIRM to identify and explore other fruits or agricultural raw materials of African origin that have components that can be fully processed.

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