Enabling a healthy full joy while taking you on a taste journey back to the origins

Our business model is fundamentally linked to sustainable principles, and combined with the fundamentally healthy and nutritious nature of our food products. Our vision is to provide you with the best and most nutritious food products made from the full processing of African agricultural raw materials using African Traditional Knowledge and modern processing technologies. We are committed to advancing our mission so that every sip and bite of AFOODS delights not only the consumer, but also our partner farmers, our diverse team and the environment. Our business model takes us on a tasteful journey back to the source, impacting four distinct but interrelated areas along the way:


Reducing food waste by an average of 70%.

By processing the so-called ‘waste’ from the conventional processing of cocoa, cashew and coffee fruit, we give new life to natural resources that were previously thrown away.


Generating new sources of income for farmers.

As a result of our ingenious concept, the producers of the processed fruits receive an additional income. In contrast to comparable organisations, we do without enormous margins. Through certification with the MOA label and close cooperation with the MONAGE organisation, the farmers receive additional benefits, particularly in the form of scholarship opportunities for the children of partner farmers.


Up to 10x healthier and more affordable than traditional cocoa, coffee or cashew nut products

Through our innovative processing, we keep consumers and industry partners smiling with nutrient-rich food products that are up to ten times healthier than comparable products. Our products contain 50-70% less sugar and are higher in fiber and protein than competitive products. They are made from a simple healthy combination of 100% natural ingredients. Up to 70% of our products use cacao juice as sweetener. For the remaining products we use agave syrup or date syrup. Because we omit intermediaries and don’t put in place exorbitant margins like some other start-ups in the cocoa sector, our healthy products are also up to ten times cheaper.


Showcasing African Innovations

In an industry that is completely dominated by  companies owned by white people, AFOODS Group highlights that African or Black-owned innovations, especially in the cocoa sector, also have their place on the global market and can be discovered and enjoyed by consumers. In doing so, we also want to inspire other African entrepreneurs and, above all, act as trail blazers for other Black innovators. This is a matter of great pride at AFOODS Group.

As an African innovation and innovation from a black entrepreneur, AFOODS, our associated brands and all our products carry the MOA label.

The bottom line is that our innovations support amongst other the following Sustainable Development Goals: