Brands and AFOODS Products

AFOODS® is an umbrella brand made up of several subsidiary brands. All our brands within the AFOODS Group reflect our Mission and communicate our Vision and our Joie de Vivre associated with the processed agricultural raw materials. 

Inspiring you to make choices that will create more smiles for you and for our planet.

And this is how all our brands make a difference:

By maximizing the usability of the raw materials cocoa, coffee and cashew, we show that they can do more than the conventionally known products. At the same time, we want to provide you with more knowledge about these raw materials through our brands.
All our brands convey a modern image of Africa, far beyond all the stereotypical African clichés associated with exotic nature that needs to be discovered and tamed.
All our brands show attitude. All our brands allow you to combine the pleasure of low-sugar and nutrient-rich food products with functional added value in a transparent and honest way, combined with a social statement on sustainability and diversity.

Our core brand values

Key Message

Back to the roots for a full joy

Added value

Low in sugar and rich in nutrients


Sustainable and revolutionary.


Fair and versatile

AFOODS® Group takes you on an unforgettable journey. Thanks to a combination of traditional African know-how and practices and modern transformation processes, we bring to life the magic of the raw materials of your favorite chocolate, coffee and cashew.

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